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Sikh Marriage

You are taking a bold step in choosing to have a Sikh Wedding Ceremony. Not everyone may be on board with your decision. You can you have a Punjabi Sikh Wedding, outside the Gurdwara with respect and reverence!

We are well aware of the fear and conflict that has been created by a few to crush the dreams of thousands of loving couples. A Sikh Marriage is a sacred defining moment in life where the goal of the Sikh Wedding Ceremony is to unite the couple and families. We conduct an interactive ceremony sharing the power of LOVE, exclusively working with your Sikh Wedding Planner.

Punjabi Sikh Wedding Presentation

Our experience has allowed us to respectfully present all Sikh Wedding Traditions and Rituals, especially Sikh Marriages in Cancun, Indian Weddings in Cabo, Indian Weddings in Vallarta. We have taken a vow to conduct a spiritual, personal, heart-centered ceremony. We want you to be well informed to understand and overcome the trials and tribulations of a Sikh marriage, and enjoy a healthy, trusting and meaningful union.

Punjabi Sikh Wedding

All couples have a fundamental right to receive blessings from loved ones and the wisdom and knowledge of the sacred teachings in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

We are a multi-racial couple in our 60’s who travel the world sharing love. We have a clear understanding of a Sikh Wedding Ceremony, Sikh Wedding rituals  and the dynamics surrounding typical traditional, cultural Sikh Marriages. We are familiar with common issues that arise when planning an Interfaith Marriage, Sikh Interfaith Wedding, or Fusion Hindu Sikh wedding.

Our Sikh Marriage Mission

Our Sikh wedding ceremony purpose is to share and create special, meaningful, cultural unions at destinations where everyone is welcome and included. As caring ambassadors of humanity, we like to use nature as our fulcrum for keeping a fresh and healthy perspective toward life. We have found Moon Palace Cancun to be one of the best resorts for Indian Weddings in Mexico 2023-2024. You can listen to and download our recordings of devotional Gurbani Kirtan on iTunes.

It’s Easy as 1,2,3


How Punjabi Sikh Wedding Works

Request a Quote - Agree on Terms - Plan your Ceremony

The entire planning process of your Punjabi Sikh Wedding is simple and concise.  As a professional Sikh Priest team, we collaborate with esteemed Sikh Wedding planners world-wide, and many Sikh Wedding Photography Mexico and Indian Wedding Video Cancun teams. We assist in working out the finer details required to make your Sikh Wedding Ceremony impeccable.

1. Request a Quote

Please fill out the online contact form at: Indian Weddings in Cancun for a free quote.  Our booking manager will respond punctually with availability, rates, and a quote based on your Sikh Wedding ceremony location.  Travel fees and travel time are included in the quote.

2. Agree on Terms

Upon receiving the quote, if you wish to book our services, you will need to respond with your package choice.  Deposit info and agreement terms are sent for you to sign. When both are received your booking is confirmed.

3. Plan your Sikh Marriage

Upon confirmation, you will receive document files that will assist you, your Sikh Wedding planner, decor company, and hosting venue with setting up your ceremony space with respect and dignity. You,  the wedding couple, will also have video call(s) with us months before to become acquainted with each other and to discuss finer details.

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Sikh Marriage | What is Offered

Sikh wedding ceremony, Sikh Marriage

Sikh Marriage Support

We provide personalized, pre-wedding guidance and support for your culturally inclusive Hindu Sikh Wedding.  We take great care in providing the utmost attention to detail from the initial stages until the execution of your Sikh or Hindu Sikh Indian Weddings California and elsewhere.

Punjabi Sikh Wedding, Sikh Marriage Ceremony

Punjabi Sikh Wedding Rehearsal & Wedding Setup

We have a rehearsal meeting with the couple, parents and planner a day before your ceremony to run through logistics. We oversee the ceremony space set up to create a sacred Gurudwara-type ambiance.  We have found the Best Indian Wedding Resort Moon Palace Cancun location to be one of the most respectful locations in the region.

Sikh Wedding Ceremony, Sikh Marriage

Personalizing Your Sikh Wedding Ceremony

Our bilingual presentation is profoundly personalized, meaningful and spiritual, containing all elements of the Punjabi Sikh Wedding tradition. Your exclusive Sikh Marriage will be conducted in Punjabi Gurmukhi with discussion and presentation made primarily in understandable practical English.