Hindu Sikh Wedding | Interfaith Wedding Service

Sikh Interfaith Marriage Terms of Agreement

In order to achieve a common understanding with Hindu Sikh Wedding, Interfaith Sikh Wedding couples and Sikh familes, all communication and transactions are done in writing with both parties agreeing to binding terms with written approval and signatures.

Fusion Sikh Wedding | Interfaith Wedding Setup Ceremony Guidance

Personalizing the entire Sikh wedding process is our priority. From the initial stages of the booking until the execution of the ceremony, we communicate  through email and video call(s) to go over every detail of your traditional, Sikh Interfaith Wedding, or Hindu Sikh Wedding to make sure your ceremony is perfect.  We provide a complete detailed wedding document with precise specs and images to forward to your Sikh Wedding Planner and decor company to ensure a proper and respectful Anand Karaj ceremony space set up.  Also, a Sikh ceremony checklist and sound requirement files are provided to ensure that nothing is overlooked during the planning stages. These documents will assist with your Sikh Marriage and will be the blueprint for planning your Sikh, Interfaith Marriage, or Fusion Hindu Sikh Wedding. Do check out our Sikh  Wedding Rituals and Traditions  page to address common concerns and find out about the best Sikh Indian Wedding destination locations.

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Fusion Hindu Sikh Wedding | Interfaith Wedding Presentation

Your Hindu Sikh wedding ceremony will contain ALL the elements prescribed in the Anand Karaj tradition. The ceremony is  conducted in the original Gurmukhi, all the Kirtan is sung in traditional  Punjabi Gurbani, and the discourse, discussion and presentation is made primarily in communicative, simple, understandable English.

The one-hour ceremony is designed specifically to keep the couple, peers, elders and younger generation fully engaged for the entire time.   Depending on the couple’s background, English, Punjabi, Gurmukhi, Hindi, or Spanish may be used.  We read the group Sangat, and conduct the ceremony accordingly and appropriately to create special moments.  Given our decades of experience, we can assure you that both that we will conduct your ceremony to perfection

Authentic 1,430 page Guru Granth Sahib Ji for Hindu Sikh Wedding

We provide our own personal authentic sacred 1,430 page Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji with the utmost reverence for your Fusion Sikh Wedding.  The scriptures are  our guide and companion.  We do our best to respect, practice, and live with the sacred meaningful message prescribed in these writings.

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Sacred Materials: Manji, Chaur, Kirpan, Rumala & Chandoa Set

Your Sikh, Hindu Sikh Wedding, or Interfaith Marriage ceremony requires an easily manageable setup. We provide a beautiful matching Rumala and Chandoa Set, sacred fabric coverings for traditional and Interfaith Fusion weddings, all the sacred materials such as the manji and chaur for the Guru Granth Sahib ji, and the Kirpan for blessing the Parshad.

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Sound System & Kirtan 

We provide and set  up the instruments and 90% of the sound system for your ceremony.   We utilize our own personal sound system which is connected with an onsite powered speaker system on location. Details of what is required will be sent once your booking is confirmed.  We are always looking to provide the best pristine live sound during your Anand Karaj, Interfaith Wedding or Fusion Wedding ceremony.